Employees at the Corpus Refinery

Tirelessly Focused on Safety

Safety drives reliable, consistent operations that result in lower emissions allowing us to protect the environment and our neighbors.

Working safe means Valero sustains itself long-term, continuing to provide community support, excellent employment opportunities, strong stakeholder value, and reliable and affordable transportation fuels that make modern life possible, in the safest way possible.


Beyond Compliance: Leading the Way for Voluntary Protection

"Going beyond" has been a consistent theme throughout Valero's history, and one of the best examples has been its participation in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and affiliated state safety agencies. Regarded as OSHA's highest-plant safety designation, Valero leads all companies with the most petroleum refineries approved as VPP Star Sites. Valero voluntarily submits to rigorous safety standards and audits and only facilities that have maintained industry-leading safety performance and have successfully passed the assessment process are approved as VPP Star Sites.


Record Setting Safety
At Valero, we take great pride in our safety record and continue to aim for exceptional performance.

2022 Safety Highlights
St. Charles Employee

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

Our greatest asset continues to be our employees. In 2022, we delivered our best year ever on combined employee and contractor safety performance. 


Stewardship, Safety
and Reliability

Through innovation, we are advancing environmental stewardship, process safety and reliability.

Benicia Refinery

Environmental Stewardship

Our team works to protect the natural environment by operating in a responsible manner, including using recycling and reusing practices, minimizing waster and investing in our assets. 

Meraux Refinery

Process Safety

Valero once again achieved high refinery utilization rates, resulting from another excellent performance in process safety and reliability, which are essential to curb environmental incidents and improve safety.

Employee at Corpus Christi Refinery


Our 97.2% mechanical availability in 2021 represents highly reliable refinery operations. Excellent performance in this metric reflects our ability to prevent unplanned downtime, minimize environmental events and successfully execute planned and unplanned refinery maintenance in a timely manner.

Emergency Preparedness
and Response

We prepare for physical risks to our facilities from natural disasters and other threats allowing us to protect our employees and assets, the communities around our facilities, and the environment. Check out our ESG Report for additional information on Valero’s emergency response programs.


Emergency Management Planning Our company-wide emergency management process is designed to assess potential risks posed to our people and operations and implement solutions.

  • Emergency response plans at each facility that are regularly updated with third-party assessments to ensure excellence.
  • Qualified emergency response teams that have built strong relationships with outside response personnel.
  • Regular drills and assessments to promote response readiness, incorporating the focus of our Goal Zero program.
  • Critical capital resources allocated to emergency planning and response in the strategic planning and capital budget processes to make our facilities efficient and resilient.
  • Use of emerging technologies to optimize decision-making and response execution.
Albert City employees review safety chart

STAR Metric

The STAR (Safety Tracking and Recognition) Metric is our newest safety program for ethanol plants. This program recognizes top performing ethanol plants in five key areas: 

  • Process Safety
  • Reliability
  • Environmental
  • Rail Safety
  • Policy and Procedure Compliance

Each quarter we recognize plants achieving zero incidents in all five areas. Plants that go four consecutive quarters without an incident earn a Super STAR award.


Goal Zero: Health & Safety Excellence

Our Goal Zero program is aimed at eliminating incidents arising from seven hazard sources. This innovative program takes a data-driven approach to identifying focus areas to bring incidents and injury rates down to zero, including: 


  • Heavy Equipment/ Vehicle Operations
  • Energy Isolation and Control
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Personnel Exposure
  • Hand Awareness and Safety
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Dropped Objects

Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets provide, in a standard format, product safe use and handling information regarding potential hazards, and how to respond to emergencies.