Learn PestPHP From Scratch

Admin   Laravel   737  2022-08-30 06:00:02

Pest From Scratch is a free video course from Laracasts. Luke Downing walks you through the setup to becoming proficient with Pest PHP.

This course is 100% free (it doesn't even require signup) and includes eight episodes that cover installation through more advanced features:

  • Installation and Setup
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Expectations
  • Expectations++
  • Datasets
  • Combined Datasets
  • Groups, Exceptions, and Skipping Tests
  • Coverage and Parallel

At the end of this course, you'll be ready to use Pest PHP in your Laravel projects and packages. Check out this fantastic course (and excellent intro) today and get productive with the hottest testing framework for PHP.

Source: laravel-news.com