Laravel - check if folder exists before create directory

Admin   PHP   314  2021-06-13 17:55:59

In this post, i will help to check if directory exists or not before create in laravel 5 application. we can simply check if folder exist when you create new directory using File facade. File facade will provide method to check directory and create directory with permission using isDirectory() and makeDirectory().

we are always looking to create new folder dynamic when you need to store image according to dynamic database records on your project.

isDirectory() will take one argument as folder path and return true if folder exist or false.

makeDirectory() will take four argument for create folder with permission.

I gave you simple controller method example to check if directory exist and create new one if not. Just check bellow example, it will create new folder "" on your upload folder in public folder.

Controller Method:

public function formSubmit(Request $request)


$path = public_path('upload/');


File::makeDirectory($path, 0777, true, true);




I hope it can help you...