Laravel 7/ 6 Generate PDF File Tutorial

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Hi Guys

In this tutorial, I will show the how to 7/ 6 generate pdf file in laravel 7/ 6.we will explain to the generate pdf file using dompdf package .we can generate pdf file from view or html blade file in laravel 7/ 6.

PDF is most using in level project. PDF is one of basic requirement when you are working with erp level project or e commerce website. we may need to create pdf file for report or invoice etc

Here i give you full example of generate pdf file example step by step like create laravel 7/ 6 project,controller, route, blade file etc. So you have to just follow few steps.

Step 1 : Install Laravel 7/ 6 Application

We are going from scratch, So we require to get fresh Laravel application using bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run bellow command:


composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

Step: 2 Install dompdf Package

Here in this step the dompdf Package


composer require barryvdh/laravel-dompdf

Add providers and aliases

After the install package add providers and aliases in the "config/app.php" file.

following path: config/app.php


'providers' => [




'aliases' => [


'PDF' => Barryvdh\DomPDF\Facade::class,


Step 3: Create Route

In this is step we need to create route for generate pdf layout file

following path:/routes/web.php


Route::get('pdf-generate','[email protected]');

Step 4: Create Controller

Here this step now we should create new controller as PdfGenerateController,So run bellow command for generate new controller


php artisan make:controller PdfGenerateController

now this step, this controller will manage Generate PDF File layout bellow content in controller file.following fille path

following path:/app/Http/Controllers/PdfGenerateController.php



namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

use PDF;

class PdfGenerateController extends Controller


public function PDFgenerate()


$data = ['title' => 'NiceSnippets Blog'];

$pdf = PDF::loadView('ourPDF', $data);

return $pdf->download('Nicesnippets.pdf');



Step 5: Create View File

In Last step, let's create ourPDF.blade.phpfor layout of pdf file and put following code

following path:/resources/views/myPDF.blade.php


<!DOCTYPE html>






<h1>Welcome to - {{ $title }}</h1>

<p>NiceSnippets Blog provides you latest Code Tutorials on PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, JQuery, Node js, React js, Vue js, PHP, and Javascript. Mobile technologies like Android, React Native, Ionic etc.</p>



Now we are ready to run our example so run bellow command for quick run:


php artisan serve

Now you can open bellow URL on your browser:




It will help you...