Laravel 5.7 - Create REST API with authentication using Passport Tutorial

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API is also known as Web services. Are you looking for create restful api in laravel 5.7? If yes then here i write step by step tutorial about how to create rest api with authentication using passport.

In Today, As we know laravel is a more popular because of security feature. So many of the developer choose laravel to create rest api for mobile app developing. Yes Web services is a very important when you create web and mobile developing, because you can create same database and work with same data.

If you don't know laravel or you don't know how to start to create API with laravel then don't worry. in this tutorial i will explain step by step how to create rest api using passport in laravel 5.7. So, you have to just follow few steps to get those login, register, products(insert, update, delete) apis.

Content Overview

Step 1: Install Laravel 5.7

Step 2: Install Passport

Step 3: Passport Configuration

Step 4: Add Product Table and Model

Step 5: Create API Routes

Step 6: Create Controller Files