Laravel 5.7 Autocomplete Search from Database using Typeahead JS

Admin   PHP   504  2020-08-11 18:40:45

Today, I write tutorial on dynamic search dropdown autocomplete from database using bootstrap typeahead js in laravel 5.6 app. You have to just follow few step to create autocomplete search text box from database with jquery ajax in laravel 5.7.

Ajax Autocomplete is must if you are dealing with big data table, like you have items or products table and thousands of records so it's not possible to give drop-down box, but it is better if we use Autocomplete instead of select box.

In this example we will use Bootstrap Typeahead JS plugin for auto-complete, Typeahead.js plugin provide good layout using bootstrap so it pretty good. You can implement autocomplete in your laravel application just following few step.

Content Overview

Step 1 : Install Laravel 5.7

Step 2: Create Table and Model

Step 3: Add Route

Step 4: Create SearchController

Step 5: Create View File