Jquery - Display a loading gif image before a image loads using Eager ImageLoader plugin

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Eager ImageLoader plugs give us lazy loading before image loads, in this example you can load your gif image that you want before main image load. In this example i use eager-image-loader plugin.

As you can see bellow preview that before image load. so first you have to give path of gif image "./upload/loading.gif" instead of your gif image path. If you want to get this image then you can get from demo.



<html lang="en">


<title>Jquery - Display a loading gif image before a image loads</title>

<link href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.6/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.js"></script>

<script src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anseki/eager-image-loader/master/eager-image-loader.min.js"></script>

<style type="text/css">


width:330px;height:220px;border:1px solid #a1a1a1;





<div class="container text-center" style="height:900px;">

<h2>Display a loading gif image before a image loads</h2>

<img data-src="http://blogdev.net/upload/Laravel-google-captcha.png" src="./upload/loading.gif" class="img-1">

<img data-src="http://blogdev.net/upload/Laravel-5-Repository-Pattern-Tutorial.png" src="./upload/loading.gif" class="img-1">

<img data-src="http://blogdev.net/upload/PHP-Angular-JS.png" src="./upload/loading.gif" class="img-1">

<script type="text/javascript">

new EagerImageLoader();





If you want to get more information from here : EagerImageLoader.