How to get last executed mysql query in laravel 6 ?

Admin   Laravel   562  2021-03-17 06:20:04

In this blog, i will show you how to get last executed query in Laravel 6. you can get last executed query using enableQueryLog() and getQueryLog() in laravel 6.

You can use DB::getQueryLog() function to get all executed queries.If you want to get the last executed query then use end().

Before getting query log you need to first enable it by using DB::enableQueryLog() function and then you can get all executed queries.

Example 1


public function lastQuery()



$list = \DB::table("users")->get();

$query = \DB::getQueryLog();





array:3 [

"query" => "select * from `users`"

"bindings" => []

"time" => 6.96


If there are multiple Database connections then you must specify it by following way:



Now you can get log for that connection :



It will help you...