How can make an array from the values of another arrays key?

Admin   PHP   217  2020-08-13 04:01:12

If you are working on PHP or other PHP framework and you want to create array of another array value. now you can see on following example how can you make array form another multidimensional array key's.


For example you have array like:




$multi = array(

['1'] => array('id'=>1,'name'=>'hardik'),

['2'] => array('id'=>1,'name'=>'vimal'),

['3'] => array('id'=>1,'name'=>'harshad'),





but if you want to this multi-dimensional array just like this way:




$test = array('hardik','vimal','harshad');



so, we can make this type of array from multi-dimensional array using array_column() funtion.

you can use this function easy as under.





$result = array_column($multi, 'name');




Try this..........